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Cybersecurity awareness campaign MARK-OS PIL
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What is The Firewall Mindset?

«Human security breaches cause 90% of the cyber-attcaks». The only plausible solution to mitigate this risk factor is to make our employees aware of the proper use of digital technologies.

The Firewall Mindset is a digital cybersecurity awareness solution for organizations. It effectively transforms people's habits and behaviors in order to become the last security barrier against cyber-attacks.

Thanks to our methodology based on gamification and storytelling, we guarantee results with a minimum investment of time and resources, through an entertaining and addictive online awareness campaign.

Awaken the Cyberagent you have inside


Welcome to FMA

The Firewall Mindset Agency

The Firewall Mindset Agency

It’s a rapid intervention unit against cyber-attacks where you could work with Chief Inspector, Pil and Inspector Mark-Os on different cases of extreme complexity. We need you to be attentive to find any clue that will lead us to the arrest of the most dangerous attacker we are facing, whose identity we do not know and who has nicknamed Phantomas.

Together we will alert our senses (Observe) so that, with our knowledge and previous experience (Think), decide what is the right way (Decide) to solve any possible cyberattack.

Remember that «OTDA» is the recognized process of cognition when facing any FMA cyberattack.

Don't wait any longer to improve your «OTDA»!




Android inspector with several years of experience. Created by Walker Paredes as a security agent prototype. It was the first one of its models. It processes case evidence at high speed and executes decision algorithms with great precision.

Mark-os Mark-os



Chief inspector with many years of experience in the unit. She has had to fight all kinds of cyber-attacks, from DDOS attacks against public administration sites to complex cases such as identity theft of executives for large corporations.

Pil Pil



Paula began her professional career five years ago as an inspector but found that the street was not for her. A vacancy came up in the Cyber Attack Investigation Unit, and now she is bringing all her value in contextualizing cases and making them easier to understand.

Paula Paula

The commissioner


He has been in the unit longer than its furniture. He has a keen eye for spotting problems in the cases. Although he is sometimes rude, the team is especially fond of him.

The commissioner The commissioner



FMA agent specialized in economic cybercrimes. Due to the accidental death of a family member, caused by a defective robot, he is repulsed by androids.




FMA computer technician. Specialized in hardware, there is no problem he can't solve. His only weakness is his platonic love for Pil.




He is the most wanted cybercriminal. It is believed to be involved in major of the cyberattacks that happened in recent years. His physical appearance is unknown.



Home minister

Minerva is the new Home Minister after the dismissal of former Minister Nicolas. She doesn't have much experience or expertise in technology, or so it seems, but someone will help her get up to speed. Cybersecurity has become one of the main issues to be addressed during her tenure.


The Firewall Mindset

It is divided into three-episode seasons, with six-impact per episode, in accordance with our methodology. The first case of each season is an animated webisode, where the plot of the FMA is developed, with characters such as Pil, Mark and Phantomas. Cases two and three are based on real testimonials, told by real people, to remind us that anyone could be the next cybercriminal’s victim.

Preview of the first 4 seasons.

S1 Preview T1
S2 Preview T2
S3 Preview T3
S4 Preview T4
Seasons 1 Seasons 2 Seasons 3 Seasons 4
S1:E1 S1:E1

Back door

Justo Moreno, CEO of «Pla K Madre» is in serious trouble. The blackmail of the cyber attack is leading him to a limit situation from which he cannot find a way out.

Applied techniques: Whaling, OSINT technique, social engineering, phishing, secure WiFi, incident response.

S1:E2 S1:E2

The masked truth

Maria, a student at the University of Seville, is in the middle of an anxiety crisis, since someone is playing with her privacy just when she is taking the final exams.

Applied techniques: Digital identity, identity theft, virtual bullying, social media, privacy and data protection.

S1:E3 S1:E3

A Heist Movie

Carlos has lost 2,000€ from his bank account without knowing very well why.

Applied techniques: Phishing, theft of bank data, internet services, massive mailings.

S2:E1 S2:E1

With Authorization

Belinda, a plastic surgeon at the DerMoles clinic, does not know how to use her Smartphone safely, endangering her privacy and that of thousands of people.

Applied techniques: Device exploits, mobile/apps security, data protection, BYOD, MDM, pendrives, etc.

S2:E2 S2:E2

A shocking kidnapping

Antonio is victim of blackmailing. His failure observing has put him in a difficult position. The sensitive information of thousands of people or his finances.

Applied techniques: Malwares, ransomware, information seizure.

S2:E3 S2:E3

Double consequence

Marta is on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She's endangered the financial situation of a colleague and doesn't know how it could have happened.

Applied techniques: Mail Spoofing, change of bank details, identity theft, data protection.

S3:E1 S3:E1


Nicolás, Home Minister, is defeated. His little observation has jeopardized the position that he has been defending for years. In addition, his son’s identity has been supplanted. It seems that behind this attack there’s a strategy...

Applied techniques: Smishing, OSINT, messaging apps, payment platforms, identity theft.

S3:E2 S3:E2

Your vision

Snow is a famous ethical hacker who fights for privacy and security. A few weeks ago, he found a vulnerability in the retail company Sinmarc. Snow, faced with the Sinmarc’s rejection to collaborate, decides to act. (Doble episode)

Applied techniques: Information leakage, privacy and data protection, GDPR, handling of confidential information.

S3:E3 S3:E3

My vision

Rafa is client of Sinmarc. Lately, he suffers from constant blackmail. They are continually threatening her with publishing sensitive information and, faced with this desperation, she decides to take action on the matter, but without the success she expected. (Doble episode)

Applied techniques: Information leakage, privacy and data protection, GDPR, handling of confidential information.

S4:E1 S4:E1


Minerva Campos, the new Home Minister, has suffered a cyber-attack. Her digital signature has been stolen. Due to this incident, Minerva decides to seek the support of citizens to implement a new anticyberattack system with a software called 3T.

Applied techniques: Key control and protection policy, digital fingerprint, digital signature, public and private key.

S4:E2 S4:E2

The price of luck

Guillermo has put his company in danger. A couple of weeks ago he won a gaming pack in a very attractive raffle and it turned out to have a surprise... This prize is still taking its toll on him and his company.

Applied techniques: External elements, QR, malware, theft of confidential information, identity theft, collaborative spaces.

S4:E3 S4:E3

On the run zombie

Vanesa is a very successful 3D designer. She has decided to start her own company and to do so she has bought a computer with a high processing capacity. The equipment was very fast, but after a while it stopped. What was going on? Vanessa never imagined what had happened.

Applied techniques: Rogueware, zombie computers, malware, antivirus, payment methods, cryptocurrencies.

Choose your plan

The plan that best suits your organization

Basic plan

The Firewall Mindset basic mode has the following characteristics:

  • Platform availability maximum 4 months per season.
  • Technical support.
  • Information phase.
  • Awareness phase.

Not included:

  • Progressive communication plan.
  • Customize platform and communications.
  • Attack simulation.
  • Dynamization.
  • Gamification: rankings.
  • Monthly reports.

Basic plan

Designed for SMEs and small organizations.

Available for seasons 1 to 4.

4 months of duration per season.

If you want to purchase the Basic Plan, contact us.

Premium plan

Premium plan

Designed for private companies and public administrations.

  • Customize platform and communications.
  • Attack simulation.
  • Dynamization and progressive communication plan.
  • Gamification: rankings, medals, experience.
  • Monthly reports with KPIs.
  • Additional retrospective phase.

If you want to purchase the Premium Plan, contact us.

Success cases

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Our platform

Awaken the CYBERAGENT you have inside



Each episode is divided into a pedagogical sequence of 6 stages, planned to be carried out over 4 weeks with a maximum duration of 40 minutes per episode, applying a drizzling rain of impacts that change behaviors in an effective and lasting way.



The Firewall Mindset is a gamified experience where every user interaction with the platform is rewarded with experience points. There is a leaderboard and a medal stand, where you can check and share your achievements with the rest of cyber agents.



The platform and the contents have been designed in a responsive way, to obtain the best possible visualization on any type of device and browser. Solve cases wherever, however and whenever you want!



During the campaign we measure, episode by episode, the performance in the Observe, Think, Decide and Act skills that our cyber-agents are achieving, in a KPI percentage's form.



At the end of each episode, we present a report with the main indicators of the campaign progress, the gamification, the results of the skills measurements, as well as a recommended action plan.


Support and dynamization

In the premium plan, The Firewall Mindset is a managed service that includes mentoring, dynamization and user support. We publish news and generate conversations to create a community of cyber-agents.


Contest and events

Leveraging The Firewall Mindset universe, we enrich the premium experience with events, contests, prizes and infographics that engage users beyond their experience on the platform.


Comunication plan

The user experience follows a push model in which through an email we indicate the progress of the story and the stage of the mission that has to be addressed at that moment, providing a direct link to the content. Fast and simple!

References and Awards

References and Awards

Best Digital Project 2019 Award in the Cybersecurity category for TFWM awarded by El Español on 01/29/2020, together with INCIBE.

State foundation
Grupo Caja Rural
Industry, commerce and tourism
Línea Directa


What had say our cyberagents

Ciberagente de MAPFRE

El propósito es crear conciencia de que las modalidades de los malos cada vez son más sofisticadas y cada uno de nosotros somos capaces de ser víctimas. ...Read more Prestad mucha atención siempre a los detalles y usa el correo corporativo únicamente para gestiones de la empresa. Excelente técnica de presentación.

Ciberagente de Roadis

Temos que dá continuidade na aplicabilidade da OPDA (Observe, Pense, Decida, Aja), não apenas para a área corporativa, mas também para a vida pessoal, a fim de ...Read more manter nossos dados pessoais/comerciais/corporativos o máximo protegidos contra eventuais ataques, invasões e vazamentos de informações.

Ciberagente de Roadis

Thank you very much for sharing such informative sessons to upgrade our skills in present life. Hope it will be continued as per technology growth to enhance our skills and to be aware.

Ciberagente de Navantia

Me ha parecido una experiencia dinámica, hace que te metas en el papel y ser parte de la Agencia. Es muy creíble, lo que lo hace doblemente interesante.

Ciberagente de Enaire

Experiencia muy positiva, fundamental no bajar la guardia, hacéis ameno y tangible algo que podría ser, que es, escurridizo.

Ciberagente de MAPFRE

Me parece una campaña absolutamente necesaria, muy didáctica y bien planteada, logrando que nos concienciemos y fijemos en detalles que antes obviaba.

Ciberagente de Grupo Caja Rural

Propuesta muy interesante por el formato y agilidad de los casos. Son temas que todos tenemos en mente pero vienen muy bien para nuestro trabajo y ...Read more también en el ámbito particular los consejos aportados para ser todavía más conscientes de los peligros. Gracias.

Ciberagente de Enresa

Me ha gustado mucho la experiencia y con el "juego" se reflexiona y aprende de una manera diferente y entretenida. Además el contenido es de aplicación a nivel profesional y personal.

Ciberagente de Roadis

The material contains lots of substantial information about cybercrime and it seems that "OPDA" is the first thing which ...Read more we all inherited within us would be helpful to rule out possibility of overturn mal-intentions of cyber criminals to very extent.


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