Wake up the Super Agent you have inside

Cybersecurity awareness campaign


Cybersecurity awareness campaign MARK-OS PIL
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What is The Firewall Mindset?

«90% of cyber attacks originate from a human security flaw». The only plausible solution to mitigate this risk factor is to educate our employees on the good use of digital technologies.

The Firewall Mindset is a digital cybersecurity awareness solution for organizations.

Through a series of enjoyable and addictive online episodes, we guarantee results with minimum investment and resources using our methodology based on gamification and storytelling.

Wake up the Super Agent you have inside


Welcome to FMA

The Firewall Mindset Agency

The Firewall Mindset Agency

The rapid intervention unit against cyber attacks, where you can join the Chief Inspector Pil and Inspector Mark-Os, and work in different cases of extreme complexity. We need you to find any clues that can lead us to the arrest our the most dangerous attacker, whose identity we don't know and we have nicknamed Phantomas.

«OTDA» is the recognized process of cognition when facing any FMA cyberattack: Together we will alert our senses (Observe), so that our knowledge and previous experiences (Think), help us make the right decision (Decide) in order to resolve each cyber attack (Act). Don't wait any longer to improve your «OTDA»!

Remember that «OTDA» is the recognized process of cognition when facing any FMA cyberattack.

Don't wait any longer to improve your «OTDA»!




Tin inspector with several years of service. Created by Walter Paredes as a prototype security agent, it was the first one of its model. It processes case evidences at a high speed and executes decision algorithms with great precision.

Mark-os Mark-os



Chief Inspector with a lot of years of service in the unit. She has had to fight all types of cyberattacks, from DDOS attacks against public administration sites to complex cases of phishing to executives of large corporations.

Pil Pil



Paula began her professional experience five years ago as an inspector, but saw that the street was not for her. A vacancy in the Cyber ​​Attack Investigation Unit came out and she is now contributing all her value in the contextualization of cases and facilitating their understanding.

Paula Paula

The commissioner


He's been in the unit for longer than its furniture. He has a good nose for detecting problems in the cases. Although sometimes he loses his cool, the team has a special affection towards him.

The commissioner The commissioner

The Firewal Mindset

The Firewall Mindset is distributed in campaign format throughout a series of three season episodes.

Season 1 Season 2
S1:E1 S1:E1

Back door

4 weeks

Justo Moreno, CEO of «Pla K Madre» is in serious trouble. The blackmail of the cyber attack is leading him to a limit situation from which he cannot find a way out.

S1:E2 S1:E2

The masked truth

4 weeks

Maria, a student at the University of Seville, is in the middle of an anxiety crisis, since someone is playing with her privacy just when she is taking the final exams.

S1:E3 S1:E3

An amazing robbery

4 weeks

Carlos has lost 2,000€ from his bank account without knowing very well why.

S2:E1 S2:E1

With permissions

4 weeks

Belinda Cortes, a reputed plastic surgeon who works for the Dermoles Corporation, suffers a cyber threat. If she doesn't not help our criminal to get what he wants, he will reveal confidential information that will compromise her professionalism.

S2:E2 S2:E2

A shocking kidnapping

4 weeks

Antonio is a victim of blackmail. His little attention made him face a difficult decision: his money or his information.

S2:E3 S2:E3

Double consequences

4 weeks

Marta is on the verge of having an attack. She has jeopardized the economic situation of a partner and does not know how it could happen.

Choose your plan

The plan that best suits your organization

Basic plan

The Firewall Mindset basic mode has the following characteristics:

  • Communication plan in self-opening mode every 4 working days
  • Platform availability maximum 4 months per season
  • Technical support
  • Information phase
  • Awareness phase

Not included:

  • Platform customization and communications
  • Attack simulation
  • Dynamization
  • Gamification: rankings, medal count
  • Monthly reports

Basic plan

10 users minimum

1 or 2 seasons

3 months duration per season

If you want to purchase the Basic Plan, contact us.

Premium plan

Premium plan

For more than 500 users. Additional services

  • Platform customization and communications
  • Attack simulation
  • Dynamization
  • Gamification: rankings, medal count
  • Monthly reports with KPIs
  • Additional retrospective phase

If you want to purchase the Premium Plan, contact us.

References and Awards

References and Awards

Award for 2019 best digital project in the Cybersecurity category for TFWM awarded by El Español on 01/29/2020, together with INCIBE.

  • Navantia
  • State foundation
  • Enresa
  • Enaire
  • Industry, commerce and tourism

  • BBE
  • Sacyr
  • Línea Directa


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